Typically, Patients Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed Between The Ages Of 17 & 25

Many people are anxious about or fear undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction, but for a majority of people, it is necessary to prevent the pain of impacted wisdom teeth and to continue to maintain your oral health. Wisdom teeth are our third molars that are the last to erupt in the back of our mouths – two at the top and two at the bottom. They are the final set of teeth to come in, but they can cause a lot of discomforts when they begin erupting from the gums. Most patients do not have enough room for these wisdom teeth, so they can end up pushing against nerves and other teeth, damaging the adjacent teeth and causing other oral health issues. This is why a wisdom teeth removal procedure is essential, to prevent this resulting pain and damage to teeth.

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What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

An impacted wisdom tooth does not have enough space in the mouth to erupt properly and will remain embedded in the jaw bone. It will get stuck beneath the gum tissue and grow at an odd angle, causing discomfort and eventually pain. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth require wisdom tooth extraction. They can be more prone to causing tooth decay or gum disease. It can even lead to a serious gum disease called pericoronitis, which can cause infection, with severe pain and swelling, around the tooth, jaw bone, and cheeks.

While impacted wisdom teeth don't always cause symptoms, your dentist may still recommend dental surgery to remove them, to prevent future issues from arising, particularly as you get older. And yes, sometimes patients don't get their wisdom teeth until they're in their 40s or 50s!

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The Extraction Process

First, our dentist will numb the surgical sites with a local anesthetic, so you will feel no pain during the wisdom tooth removal. Once the area is frozen, an incision in the gum tissue will be made to expose the tooth and bone. Some wisdom teeth can be removed in one piece, whereas others may need to be removed in multiple pieces. Once the tooth extraction is completed, the dentist will use stitches to close the incision site, if necessary. Gauze will be placed over the extraction site to help control bleeding and promote a blood clot.


After your wisdom teeth extraction procedure, we will prescribe medications for you to take as you recover and heal over the next few days. We'll provide easy-to-follow aftercare instructions such as soft food suggestions, not drinking through a straw, how to keep your mouth and wisdom tooth extraction sites clean, and how often to replace gauze. The healing process can take anywhere from three to four days but will vary per patient. Most patients do not experience any complications, but it is important to follow the recommendations of your dentist following your wisdom teeth removal procedure. Contact your dentist if you experience significant pain or swelling that does not start to subside within a few days after you had your wisdom teeth removed.

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We Will Ensure You're Comfortable During Your Entire Appointment

When you arrive for your Wisdom Teeth Removal (Downtown Vancouver) procedure, all our staff will ensure you feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible during your entire appointment. Our Dentist in Downtown Vancouver, BC understands that tooth extractions can seem scary, which is why we do our absolute best to bring you peace of mind. We believe in providing a compassionate and gentle approach to all of our procedures; we will explain how every step of the wisdom teeth surgery works before we proceed with anything. Our downtown Vancouver clinic will ensure your impacted wisdom tooth extraction procedure is as painless as possible.

A Missing Tooth Can Negatively Impact Your Dental Health

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Early humans needed wisdom teeth to replace other teeth that were likely to become broken, and they had broader jaws to accommodate them. Even though we don't use our wisdom teeth anymore, they still grow, and nowadays, cause us problems. Some patients may have room for them to grow and never experience symptoms, but for the most part, they cause a lot of trouble. If you're feeling discomfort, jaw pain, swelling, bad breath, or getting frequent headaches, these are signs you require wisdom teeth removal. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's time to call our Wisdom Teeth Removal Downtown Vancouver team today. We will also work with your insurance company for coverage of your wisdom teeth surgery, for a more stress-free experience for you. Patient health and comfort is always our top priority.

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