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Teeth discolouration happens over time because of constant exposure to staining foods and drinks like coffee and red wine. But aging and indulging in your favourite foods should not stop you from smiling with confidence.

At Robson Square Dental, we offer Teeth Whitening Downtown Vancouver to help turn back the time and get you bright, white teeth. Your teeth will be several shades whiter after just one appointment! Teeth whitening treatments have never been so fast, comfortable, and convenient.

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Teeth Whitening Downtown Vancouver

Professional Teeth Whitening Downtown Vancouver Treatment

See The Results You Want At Robson Square Dental

Whitening teeth can be frustrating. After using a store-bought kit that promises a smile several shades whiter after one use, your teeth may look exactly the same. Some whitening kits can also cause discomfort; some chemicals used in whitening kits are known to heighten tooth sensitivity, making it difficult to eat hot or cold foods.

Instead of risking your comfort and smile, get the results you want with professional tooth whitening at our Vancouver dental clinic. Professional teeth whitening can offer optimal results; the bleaching gel is a safe and powerful whitening solution that can eliminate stains from tooth enamel in a single appointment or more (depending on your specific goals).
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Fast & Effective Teeth Whitening Treatments


Our team can treat stains deeply embedded in tooth enamel with our teeth whitening services. It is incredibly effective and fast. Most clients can receive the results they want in just one visit, and future touch-ups will help them maintain their white teeth without having to cut out coffee or other staining foods.

The whitening process is as follows:

  • A plastic or rubber guard will be placed to retract the lips and cheeks.
  • A protective gel will be placed over your gums to protect them from the bleaching gel. The protective layer is critical to reducing gum irritation during the whitening process.
  • After the protective layer has formed over your gums, the whitening gel is then applied to your teeth.
  • The bleaching gel will sit on the teeth for a set amount of time, and be removed after.
  • The dentist will repeat the process several times—applying the bleaching gel and vacuuming it up when it is fully activated—to whiten your teeth to your desired shade.
  • Once the treatment is complete, we will remove the protective layer and provide a rinse for the mouth so that you can enjoy your visibly whiter teeth!
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Get Great Results At Home Too!

What if you want the results of professional teeth whitening without a visit to the office?
If you want the comfort of an at-home treatment and the results of a professional whitening procedure, visit us today. Our dental team is proud to offer non-invasive, take-home kits for whitening your teeth. These kits are popular and can help you continue the whitening process in the comfort of your home.

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We Care About Healthy & Beautiful Smiles

We are proud to offer a complete range of services including dental cleanings, dental crowns, white fillings, and more at our office. All of our services are guided by the latest industry developments and technology to help protect your oral health.

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