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Our BC dentist and team offer a full range of dental services to meet the needs of our many patients, including regularly scheduled dental cleaning appointments. Routine dental cleanings are crucial in the process of maintaining and improving your oral hygiene, particularly when it comes to protecting yourself against gum disease and cavities.

Why Regular Dental Cleaning Is Important

Have you noticed persistent bad breath? Have you noticed inflamed gums? How about yellowing teeth or plaque that doesn't seem to want to come off?

These are all signs that you should book a teeth cleaning appointment. In fact, these are reasons why our dentist recommends having your teeth cleaned every six months – to avoid these issues in the first place. If not taken care of promptly, you are putting yourself at risk of developing cavities and gum disease – one of the leading causes of missing teeth in adults.

A Dental Professional Will Provide You With A Thorough Teeth Cleaning

During your dental visit, our dentist or dental hygienist will assess your mouth for any obvious signs of tooth decay or gum issues. Next, we will use the ultrasonic scaler to remove the tartar, also referred to as calculus, from the surface of your teeth and from around your gum line. It can also form below the gum line which is when a "deep cleaning" is required.

Tartar is hardened plaque. This is why it's encouraged to floss your teeth once a day to remove any plaque before it has a chance to solidify. Once it becomes tartar, you cannot remove it on your own at home – only dentists have the tools necessary to thoroughly remove it from above and below your gum line.

The Next Steps

Flossing, Polishing & Fluoride Treatment


After tartar has been removed from your teeth, flossing will be conducted to remove any leftover debris from between your teeth.


This step involves removing any stains from your tooth surfaces and leaving them shiny, smooth, and polished to perfection with a polishing paste flavour of your choice. If you're still not happy with the colour of your smile, we can discuss teeth whitening options.


The last cleaning step involves placing fluoride on your teeth. The treatment will be placed into moulds that will fit onto your teeth and be removed after a few minutes.

Teeth Cleaning Starts At Home

Exceptional dental care can start at home. Our Vancouver dental office is passionate about educating patients on the importance of brushing and flossing at home daily. You should brush your teeth twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening – followed by flossing once daily. Rinsing with mouthwash once per day also holds many benefits – it can limit your risk of developing cavities by removing bacteria and helping prevent bad breath. By following this general rule of thumb, you can greatly reduce plaque from turning into tartar and, therefore, maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Early signs of gum disease can also be reversed if caught in time by following this routine.

Looking After Your Dental Needs In Vancouver, BC

Our Vancouver dentist and team based in downtown Vancouver can help you book your next teeth cleaning appointment today. We encourage patients to have their teeth assessed and cleaned every six months in order to stay on top of any issues, reverse them if possible, and prevent them from happening in the first place.

If you're interested in our other treatments, our Vancouver dentist will happily discuss them with you in order to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Call our dental clinic today!

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